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Brett Johnson
4 min readDec 11, 2020

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It’s been a big week for new episodes from our clients!


Looking Forward Our Way — What’s New in Today’s Senior

We all know the difficulty in the housing market across the country, but Columbus and Central Ohio is in a particularly bad spot. No housing stock, and everyone wanting an alternative — a new place to reside. But there are many facets to the housing picture. In this episode, we discuss multi-unit senior housing communities.


Lawyer Talk: Off the Record — Free Legal Advice with Lawyer

Ever wonder whether a juvenile record can be expunged? Tune in. Been charged with an OVI and don’t know why there seems to be two separate DUI/OVI charges? Tune in. Wonder what happens to child support if you now make less or more than your ex? Tune in. Steve takes on all this and more in the latest Lawyer Talk show.


Comedians on South High — The Survivor

Comedians On South High with host Jared Blinsky and comedians Jason Banks , Kenny Mock and Bobbie Dodds.


Dollar Saving Divas & More — Smart And Easy Festive

Get your house looking and smelling homey for the holidays with these ideas. Make a natural centerpiece Hang a wreath without a nail Whip up a DIY home fragrance Make your tree shine Plus tips on making an instant family photo album.

Aging In Full Bloom — Prime Time Office On Aging

Even though we are going through times where we can’t connect like we used to, or want to, offices on aging around the country are still an important part of older adults’ lives. I talk with Trudy Wilson, Director of Prime Time Office on Aging. Prime Time is a senior center located in Jefferson County (OH), serving people who are 60 years and older.

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