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Zencastr raises $4.6M as its beta video offering goes live for

Zencastr’s video feature is now live. Brian Heater of TechCrunch reviews the addition, which had “long been a missing piece of the puzzle.” HD video recording arrives with a $4.6 million seed round as well as Digital Nomad, a podcast about the company’s origins.

How many podcasts are there in each category?
How many podcasts are there in each Apple Podcasts category? We take a quick look

iHeartMedia to Acquire Triton Digital From
The $230 million deal will give the radio giant a full slate of audio advertising technology and measurement capabilities as it builds out its podcast business.

Write for Us!. Submission guide for DIY

Submission guide for DIY Podcasts

Warm Welcome | Exclusive Offer for our
Leverage personal video across the entire customer experience to stand out, build trust, and drive revenue

“Jobs to be done” for
Podcasts are a product. If your goal is to build an amazing show for a specific audience, it’s crucial to understand your listeners’ motivations.

A website for your podcast offers independence from other platforms’ rules and restrictions. It can be the central storage unit for everything to do with your podcast, from episodes, to show notes, to those crime scene photos that you spent ages scanning. And it’s another way to stand out in the the big, wide internet and attract new listeners. Contact USA Access today.

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