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US podcast ad spend up 24% as more advertisers join
An overview of podcast advertising spend in the United States in 2020 and 2021.
NPR podcasts provided in a sponsor-free format will now be available on most podcast listening platforms

My First 45 Days With Apple Podcasts Paid

Darknet Diaries ▸ has achieved 670 paid Apple Podcasts subscribers in just 45 days, according to its creator Jack Rhysider. He also says he has yet to promote it: all discovery is happening through Apple’s app. After Apple’s 30% cut, he’s earning $2,338 per month.

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Spotify Ads for Podcasters: The Good, The Bad, and The Potential

For the last 5-days I’ve been putting Spotify Ads through its paces.

The Book Of Objections, plus a free 30 Minute Podcast Consultation

Get Serious About Monetizing Your Podcast.

Podcasters are ill-prepared to monetize their podcast. Most podcast monetization programs and webinars skip over the basics of the sales process, especially on how to deal with objections.

In this book, I’ve detailed the most common objections I have encountered over my 35-year radio advertising sales career. I have also supplied answers to these common objections that will keep your prospect talking.

With every objection comes an opportunity to start a conversation to lead you steps closer to a “sign on the dotted line” moment.

Mental Health Professionals to Promote
“Americans tend to think about their physical well-being more often than their mental well-being. Three quarters (76%) of Americans say they think about their physical well-being often or very often, compared to 57% who say the same about their mental health, reports Ipsos.”

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