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It’s here: The science behind the power of a podcast
One thing we know is that podcasts have a physical effect on the brain. But what about podcast ads?

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Advertisers ‘really interested’ in podcasting right
iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman on how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted his company’s concerts, podcasts and other services.


Here’s Why Molson Coors Is Tapping Podcast
Beyond spot advertising, Welsh said Molson Coors likes the idea of sponsoring podcast-driven live events and even planned to back some this year until the pandemic wiped the calendar clean. He sees those events as not only a place to connect and build a tighter bond with the podcast audience, but also an opportunity for a brand to put the actual product into listeners’ hands. “They really connect with consumers in an in-person manner and our brands want to be there when those type of things happen,” he said.

Youtube learning

YouTube to begin putting ads on non-monetized channels but won’t pay
YouTube will soon show ads on content and videos even if a creator does not have monetization enabled as part of its Partner Program.


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