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With Travel and Conferences Canceled, Shift to Podcasting to Build your Brand
Ioana Good offers six tips for launching a podcast that keeps you and your firm visible when travel and in-person networking is a non-starter.

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Generational Marketing Myths from Boomers to Gen Z
For marketers, age is a straightforward way to gain insight into your audience. It’s a cornerstone of segmenting, or categorizing, customers into different groups. But some companies aren’t effective at targeting different audience age groups. When they make sweeping generalizations about age…

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No commuting, no problem: Podcasting ad revenue continues to
But podcasting’s simplicity — and its on-demand nature — has meant that for now, ad revenue continues to grow for the medium, with many brand advertisers content to rework their messaging and keep spending, even as direct response advertisers pause or drop theirs.

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How Fan Communities Can Power A
Mugglecast dishes on the secret ingredient to their success.

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