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While you are with your limited-number family this holiday weekend, take the time to show them how to listen to podcasts on their smartphone. Or show them this great video below…thanks to Don The Idea Guy for sharing this with us!


Alan Alda Shows Mike Farrell How to Subscribe to a
Alan Alda shows Mike Farrell how to subscribe to a podcast

Siriusxm podcasts

SiriusXM is the New Destination for Original, Exclusive, and Popular Podcasts — Podcast

The 11/20/2020 launch follows SiriusXM’s acquisitions of leading podcast platforms Simplecast and Stitcher, which along with Pandora and AdsWizz establish SiriusXM as the premier full-service platform for podcast creators, publishers, and advertisers.


What is “Audience Development” anyway?
The term “Audience Development” comes up a lot in the work we do every day. Pacific Content might be best known for the production of award-winning branded podcasts, but our Audience Development…

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Amazon is turning Audible into a true podcast app, but it’s got a long way to
Audible says it’s adding 100,000 podcasts to its catalog that’ll be accessible to both paying and non-paying users. This sets the company up to compete even more with Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

A website for your podcast offers independence from other platforms’ rules and restrictions. It can be the central storage unit for everything to do with your podcast, from episodes, to show notes, to those crime scene photos that you spent ages scanning. And it’s another way to stand out in the the big, wide internet and attract new listeners. Contact USA Access today.

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How To Take a Podcast Break without Losing Your
There will come a time in any podcaster’s journey when they will need to take a podcast break. And if you don”t want to lose momentum, you need to have some strategies in place.

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