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Brett Johnson
3 min readApr 15, 2020


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Google Podcasts team talks focus on simplicity, recognizes Play Music

Podcasts, April, saw a big redesign on Android, launch on iOS, and new web functionality.


The Dodo Teams With iHeart To Bring Its Animal Storytelling Brand To Podcasting. | Story |
The Dodo, the social media-focused brand that tells animal-related stories and posts compelling videos, is making the move into the audio medium. It has teamed up with the iHeartPodcast Network


How to Land and Ace Your Next Podcast Interview — Better Marketing —
4 steps to leveraging a red-hot media platform

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Podcasts in the time of quarantine — Columbia Journalism
FOUR MINUTES INTO THE INTERVIEW with my Washington Post colleague, a health reporter covering the coronavirus outbreak, I heard the sound that I had been dreading: the distinct yelp of an exuberant child, disturbing the quiet of our serious podcast recording.

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Entering a new age of podcasting at the Digital Humanities Hub — The

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